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We Leverage Technology
For Your Insurance Success

Insurance Claims Guide

A chatbot and knowledge base offering 24/7 free insurance claims advise.

Service Acceleration

We provide mechanisms to help you accelerate insurance settlement.

Partner Support Network

Get access to lawyers and other claims related service providers

Insurance Claims News

Get an assortment of insurance claims news, reports and statistics.

Get Faster Insurance Claims Settlements

Professionals at Your Service
Our self service system helps you get access to claims solutions anytime of the day/night.
Actual Results
Get value based on impact on insurance claim settlement acceleration.
Powered By Technology
Our self service system helps you get access to claims solutions anytime of the day/night.
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Transforming Your Insurance Claims


Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

We have built a knowledge base that provides answers to the most frequent insurance claim questions.

We provide the claimant with insurance industry data, claims processes and action steps to follow to accelerate their claims payment. We help intermediaries better manage and follow up claims processes for their clients. We also offer legal representation for claimants who seek compensation for losses caused by insurance company clients.

Yes. We follow up claims on behalf of insurance intermediaries and third party claimants.

You can get additional help through contacting the partners on our platform or through our online chatbot.

We partner with specialists and businesses offering insurance related services. We enhance claims processes for intermediaries and offer listings for other related service providers

We charge a monthly or annual subscription fees for insurance intermediaries. We charge 30% of paid out third party claims plus costs for third party legal representation clients.Click Here to view partner benefits and pricing.

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