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Enhance insurance processes through timely claims settlement.

We provide a smart guide on insurance claims follow up that helps the insured better manage expectations and accelerate service delivery 

  • Understand the claims process
  • Get actionable steps to take
Be a provider of smart claims settlement prediction models powered by AI.

Giving accurate timelines taken to resolve insurance claims in Kenya based on prediction models. Increasing settlement speed and peace of mind.

  • Smart claims prediction models
  • Efficient claims management
Making the world a better place through web based solutions.

We provide a variety of custom web based solutions for individuals and businesses.

  • Enhancing specific industries
  • Creating better experiences

Get Faster Insurance Claims Settlements

Professionals at Your Service
Get solutions based on professional insurance claims experience.
Actual Results
Get value based on impact on insurance claim settlement acceleration.
Powered By Technology
Our self service system helps you get access to claims solutions anytime of the day/night.
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Accelerate Claims Payment In Kenya

We provide the claimant with insurance industry data, claims processes and action steps to follow to accelerate their claims payment.

No. We empower the claimant with all necessary tools and procedures to follow up their insurance claim.

You can get additional help through contacting the partners on our platform.

Liability Claims

10.6% claims payment ratio for liability claims in general insurance for Q3 2022

Non-Libaility Claims

75.5% claims payment ratio for non-liability claims in general insurance for Q3 2022

Long-Term Claims

73.3% claims payment ratio for long term (life) insurance claims for Q3 2022

Missing Data

11 out 62 insurance companies claims data for Q3 2022 is unavailable

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