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4.1.4 LPO’s and reimbursement for windscreen

Windscreen damage claim can be setted through two methods:

Local Purchase Order (LPO)

  • The insured fills in a windscreen claim form and submits it to the insurance company including pictures of damaged windscreen
  • The insurance company issues a local purchase order to one of it’s windscreen replacent service providers.
  • The vehicle owner takes the vehicle to the windscreen replacement service provider with the sined LPO.
  • Windscreen is replaced


  • The insured notifies the insurer of the windscreen damage
  • The insured takes a photo of the damaged windscreen
  • He/She fills a windscreen claim form
  • The insured pays for windscreen replacement from a company of their choice
  • The insured submits copy of the claim form, before & after pictures and copy of the ETR receipt to the isnurance company
  • The insured is compensated for cost of replacing the windscreen

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