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• The Property Damage and loss claim form to be duly completed, signed and stamped
• Original police abstract report of the incidence if there is a theft claim.
• Claim supporting documents such as purchase invoices, quotations for replacement, valuation certificate from a reputable jeweler or any other claim supporting documents
• If there is damage to premises then estimates of repairs from contractors and quantity surveyors report may be required.
• In respect of a claim under Section D – The documents as per the WIBA claims.
• In respect of claims under Section E and F of the policy, any correspondence for the third party or their legal representatives unanswered
• Detailed account or statement of the circumstances resulting in the claim under Section E – Owners Liability or Section F – Occupier’s Liability

Under the “All Risks” Section you’ll require:
• Accident claim form to be duly completed and signed
• Original police abstract report if item(s) were stolen
• Purchase invoice /receipt
• Technical report detailing the cause of damage and repair cost ( if applicable)
• Repair receipt if the damaged item was repaired (if applicable)
• Replacement invoice
• Photo depicting the damaged property ( if no loss adjuster is appointed)
• Valuation certificate from a Reputable Jeweler or Watch dealer.
• For mobile phones, a blockage certificate is obtained from the service provider confirming blockage of the device.

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